Thursday, August 2, 2012


Hello! My name is Susie and you might know me from Our Guilty Pleasures Blog! I started a new job (finally) and didn't renew my domain on time and then I couldn't figure it out! I know, its sad, but true... So I read. Sometimes alot. When work permits.And I read almost anything! I really prefer Urban Fiction, Supernatural books though. Right now I'm reading the Dark Protector series by Rachel Zanetti.... Can you say HOT! I love me some awesome vampires! I will start posting my book reviews soon, as (once again) work permits!



  1. Hey, girl, glad to see you back on here. I started my own blog also at Myreviewsonreview and sure would like you to be a follower as well as anyone else that would like to join me. Congrats on the job. When you get a chance could you please send me a message telling me how to get that cute signature from the other blog onto my new one? Thanks! Good luck with this blog...I'll be following you and yay I'm the first one who signed up to do so!!!